Bad Postal Service

Blog entry #1

Welcome to my first ever blog, I hope you like it and feel free to comment if something resonates with you!

It was a cold and winter day the season was gearing up for Christmas and all through the malls people were scurrying about trying to get their last minute shopping done . I was wearing a smile from ear to ear as I put the finishing touches on the girlfriends present. The bow was so big you could see it from space. I walked over to my local post office pretty excited and in high spirits. I asked the lovely lady behind the counter of the post office if she could help me send this package, she looked at the bow and agreed with a smile knowing it was for someone special. She proceeded to hand me a bill for a $180 dollars saying the package will be delivered in 5 days. My eye’s shot out of my head, so I opted out of the fast travel and decided to do the 30 day route for half the price $90 dollars no problem I thought . It would be spring when she got the package but I laughed it off anyway.  

30 days rolled around and still no package. So I decided to call Canada Post to figure out what was going on with the package I sent. I called customer service and was connected with the rudest customer service employee I have ever spoken with, when I asked about my package and gave him my tracking number he had no idea what I was talking about. I just starred at the phone with amazement thinking am I really talking to Canada Post right now? And where is my package? After a brief moment, he put me on hold for 15 minutes and then I was steaming mad. He said that he didn’t know where my package was and he needed to open an investigation. He then apologised  and said they would call me back with a result in 24 hrs.  Five days go by and no call of course. I called them back they then sent me a letter via email stating they wouldn’t have an answer for another 30 – 60 days from the day I called. I am still waiting for my call from Canada Post. What bothers me is that they are Canada Post, not some fly by night small company.  They are Canada Post! They deal with everyone’s mail so tell me why you haven’t  found a better way of tracking a package when it’s sent? I was so flabbergasted and felt pretty helpless. If anyone has any advice for me or Canada Post please speak up, or if you have had similar experience please share!



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